KT Mini Chicken Coop

Mini Chicken Coop -  takes up very little space, great for any backyard big or small; as well as quite versatile to house not only chickens but can be used for cats, other birds etc. You can buy these coops with or without our runs and are easily moved with a garden tractor, four wheeler or truck.

Standard Features on Shed Roof Coops:

  • Metal Roof - 40 yr warranty on rusting, fading and peeling. 
  • 3/4" Pine Shiplap Siding - not stained or painted
  • 1 Hen Door/Ramp - Easy access for chickens, door folds down into a ramp
  • 1 Nest Box 
  • 1 Roosting Pole 
  • 1 Small Window - Chicken wire on the inside and removable plexiglass for ventilation. 
  • 1 Egg Collecting Door - Collect your eggs from the outside without entering the coop.
  • 1 Man Door - Chicken wire and removable plexiglass for ventilation.

Extra Options Available on Shed Roof Coops:

  • Let us Stain your Coop for you! 
  • Outside Chicken Run - Free range your chickens with protection from predators.
  • Additional Hen Doors/Ramps