KT Chicken Coop


Our Walk-In Coops are perfect to set in your backyard for easy access to your fresh eggs! You can buy these coops with or without our runs and are easily moved with a garden tractor or four wheeler. Check out the Attached Run Coops specifically designed for better portability of the coop an run together. 

Standard Features on Walk-In Coops:

  • Metal Roof - 40 year warranty for rusting, fading and peeling.
  • ¾" Pine Shiplap Siding - not stained or painted
  • 1 Hen Door/Ramp  - easy access for chickens, door folds down into a ramp
  • 1-4 Hole Nest Box
  • 2 Roosting Poles
  • 3' Mesh Floor with Cover - under roosting poles and you can collect chicken manure for organic fertilization
  • 1 Aluminum Window - on back side
  • 1 Man Door - with chicken wire and removable plexiglass for ventilation

Extra Options Available on Walk-In Coops:

  • Let us Stain your Coop for you!
  • Feed Room Wall 
  • Outside Chicken Run 
  • Egg Collecting Door
  • Additional Hen Doors/Ramps 
  • Weathervane