KT Goat Shed


Goat Sheds - fully portable, durable little shelters, and quite versatile to accommodate all kinds of animals including ponies, sheep, goats, llamas etc... being very affordable yet quality constructed.

Standard Features on Goat Sheds Include:

  • Metal Roof - 40 yr warranty on rusting, fading & peeling.
  • Choice of 3/4" shiplap pine or 3/4" solid oak
  • 3/4" Oak Kick Board  - all around inside of shelter area.
  • Metal Corner Brackets  - In all four corners for easy portability with loops for chains/ropes and also stability.

Extra Options Available on the Goat/Pony Sheds:

  • Metal Siding 
  • Tack Room 
  • Drop Vent - wood vent that drops down
  • Aluminum Windows - with screen on one half
  • Wood Divider Wall - to seperate stall areas/li>
  • Enclose all Four Sides - with door/gate to enter
  • Steel or Wood Gates - to enclose shelter area
  • Wooden Hay and Grain Feeder
  • Salt Block Box - for grain and/or salt block
  • Metal Hay Rack - flat or corner mount
  • Corner Grain Feeder (corner mount)