Full Draw Blind

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The Full Draw is great for hunting by yourself! It also works for two hunters with minimal comfort sacrifice. The advantages of a smaller blind is better visibility with less movement. Trap door entry is standard on this blind, which means four full windows. Windows are split in the middle and move sideways in either direction to create an opening only as large as needed to shoot through. Windows are 24"W  x 22"H. Blind interior height is 6' 6".


  • 5′ Wide x 5′ Long.
  • Ceiling height 78″ at lowest point.
  • Insulated ceiling.
  • Trap door entry.
  • Four 30″w x 22″h, Tinted,
    StealthSlider™ Windows.
  • Interior Carpeting.
  • SmartSide® siding.
  • Camouflage Exterior.


  • Stair entry.
  • Side door entry.
  • Base heights, 7′, 10′, or 12′.
  • Blackout Soundproofing.
  • Bow Windows
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