Prepare to be the most popular house on the block when you set up one of our outdoor bar sets! We offer a wide range of options from a nice outdoor serving bar with ice bowl to a customized sectional bar unit made to fit any space. Choose from a rainbow of colors and the type of bar-height stool you prefer, with or without backs and voila! Your backyard is now ready to entertain the whole neighborhood.

You’ll never have to worry about mildew or rot on your backyard bar — we use only the highest grade of HDPE Poly available to make our bar sets, which is made from recycled materials and makes it weather-resistant so it won’t fade in the sun. Maintaining your bar set is simple — just wipe it down with soap and water occasionally to keep it looking fresh. And, poly furniture is sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about it blowing around during a storm. Browse our selection of bar furniture, below.