KT Portable Tack Room Barn

Portable Tack Room Barns - If you have only a couple horses and need shelter area with some storage for your hay, grain, tack etc; our Tack Room Barns are just what you need. They are perfect if you are needing only 2 or 3 stall areas and some storage.

Standard Features on Run In Sheds Include:

  • Metal Roof 
  • Rough-Cut Poplar Siding - not stained or painted
  • Solid Oak Framing or Pine Framing 
  • 4' High Solid 1" Oak Kick Board - all around inside of stall areas
  • 7' Opening - into horse shelter area
  • Heavy Duty Steel Corner Brackets - On all 4 corners of the barns for easy portability with loops for chains/ropes.

Extra Options Available on Run In Sheds:

  • Upgrade to Metal Siding
  • 4' high Wood Divider Wall - for between 2 stall areas
  • Stall Area Closed off with Dutch Doors to Access
  • Aluminum Window/s
  • Steel Powder Coated Window Grills (to protect your horse from the glass.
  • Drop Vents - or horses in stall areas or in wall separating stall and tack room.
  • Salt Block Box - made of wood for grain or salt blocks
  • Corner Grain Feeder - plastic, corner mount.
  • Wooden Hay Manger
  • Metal Hay Rack  - Wall Mount Flat or Corner
  • Metal or Wooden Gates 
  • Hinged Overhang - Additional weather protection and a protected area to harness/saddle your horse.