Where Poly Comes From

Where Poly Comes From

Dec 12th 2018

Poly outdoor furniture is a wildly popular alternative to wooden patio furniture — and for good reason. Poly furniture is one of Kauffman’s best sellers, and we carry a variety of styles and products. The way that poly (or high density polyethylene) is created makes it even more desirable as a sustainable material. Below, we talk about how polyethylene becomes furniture, and why it’s such a great alternative to wooden outdoor furniture.

Poly lumber is made from recycled plastics, such as milk and detergent bottles. The first step in creating poly lumber is to clean recycled plastic bottles with a decontamination process that creates a high purity product and removes food residue, paper, and adhesives. Then, the plastic is melted and cooled to create small plastic pellets, which are purified. After the pellets are heated and melded, the result is a polymer that is as tough as nails.

The pellets are then extruded and molded into sheets of stock material, or, in the case of poly furniture, lumber strips. The strips are then colored and a UV protection is added to help the poly become vibrant and fade-resistant. Precision cutting machines smooth out any rough edges, and the strips of lumber are sanded down to the perfect finish.

Poly furniture has an outstanding resistance to extreme weather and corrosive materials, due in part to the fact that the poly does not absorb moisture. The material will never rot, splinter, or crack, and it does not need to be waterproofed or painted to keep its integrity. Poly furniture tends to be heavier than other plastic furniture, so it won’t blow away in heavy winds. And because recycled materials are used to construct poly furniture, plastic is being kept out of landfills and reused in an environmentally-friendly way.

We love the variety of colors that poly comes in — you can choose from a rainbow of hues to make your outdoor space perfect. Browse our selection of poly furniture items and find the perfect set for your home!