Animal Housing: What to Look For

Animal Housing: What to Look For

Oct 8th 2018

When it comes to outdoor structures for your animals, you want to make sure you’re buying a product that will serve all your needs. It’s important to select a structure that will last a long time, stand up to weather, and most importantly — keep your animal safe and dry.

Kauffman Lawn Furniture carries a variety of animal structures for at-home use. Below are our most popular types of animal structures and tips for what features to look for when shopping for each kind.

Horse Stalls

  • Comfortable, safe stall
  • Ample room for horse to stand and move
  • Sturdy place to tie your horse (located high enough that your horse cannot get his leg over the rope, but still reach food and water)
  • Windows for light and ventilation

Chicken Coops

  • Ventilation
  • A proper perch, minimum one foot
  • Nesting Boxes - One for every three to four hens
  • Easy access for you to clean the coop
  • No gaps at seams
  • A sturdy structure that can withstand weather and wind

Goat Sheds

  • Space for food and water
  • Sturdy shelter to protect from weather
  • 10-15 square feet per goat indoors for sleeping space
  • Livestock panels to divide the space into separate pens if needed

No matter what kind of shelter your are purchasing for your animal, be sure to check the quality of craftsmanship. Kauffman Lawn Furniture offers several high-quality animal structures that suit a variety of needs. Our structures are long-lasting, safe shelters for your livestock. Browse our options online here.